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Tools: Automatic Password Generator

The automatic password generator (APG) is used to produce random passwords based on rules that you choose. It is meant to be used by individuals that want secure passwords that are randomly generated or by administrators that need to produce password lists for server migrations and the like.

Basic Options  
Minimum Length
The minimum password length determines the
Maximum Length
The maximum length determines the
Template Type
You can choose from several password template types. The default is "Random" which uses variable percentages (alterable in the advanced options section) to determine the type of passwords. The second type is "Remember" which will produce a list of passwords that are fairly easy to remember. And the last is Other which allows you to produce passwords of your own design (alterable in the advanced options section).

Remember (KYVC#CVC)

Number to Generate
From here you can choose how many passwords you would like to output. If you are only generating the passwords for yourself then you may only need a few. But, if you are producing password lists then you will need a lot more.
Advanced Options  
These allow you to choose the weight applied to the character generation. Typically you will want a random password that has more letters in it than numbers or symbols, and with this you can set the chance of a particular character type.
Vulgarity Detection
Random passwords are a bit dangerous to hand out as they sometimes will contain vulgar words. Use this checkbox to automatically scan for and regenerate passwords when they contain vulgar words.
Symbols List
Use this box to specify what symbols you wish to use for symbol generation.
This allows you to create a custom template type. Simply select "Other" as the Template Type in the Basic Options and then enter the generation characters to the right.
R - Random Character $ - Symbol # - Number
E - Vowel, Any Case V - Vowel, Lowercase W - Vowel, Uppercase
B - Constanant, Any Case C - Constanant, Lowercase K - Constanant, Uppercase
A - Alphabet, Any Case L - Alphabet, Lowercase U, Alphabet, Uppercase
X - L/H/R, Any Case Y - LHR, Lowercase Z - LHR, Uppercase


"Sir. I protest! I am not a merry man!" --Worf, Son of Mogh (ST TNG, Qpid)

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