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The Internet is a spiderweb of connected websites through hyperlinks. Here you will find websites that I find interesting and that I wish to share (and to improve their ranking in Google). Currently I only have a few links and so they're in a simple list. I will add more and categorize them as I think of more sites I want to link with.

1. Cartoons, Comics and General Comedy
2. Computer News, Reviews, Tools, Communities
3. General World and Local News
4. Malware and Computer Security
5. Online Shopping and Bargains


1. Cartoons, Comics and General Comedy

One of the best flash comics on the Internet is Homestar Runner's website. Aimed at an audience that all age groups can enjoy the site focuses on a few choice animated characters that offer good clean comedy. One of the favorite features of the site is the Strong Bad's email section that revolves around a mexican wrestler that answers questions aimed at him through email. If you need something to make you laugh then this is a good place to go.
Self proclaimed as the "best page in the universe" Maddox dedicates his hilarious website to telling you his opinions on topics varying from politics to dietary habits, and then explaining to you how stupid you are if you don't agree. Definitely one of the funniest websites on the Internet... unless you take it too seriously.
This site publishes the funniest comic strip that I have ever read. But, you may not find it funny if you do not have the same interests as me. Most of the jokes revolve around computers and video games, but the general insanity of the comic is good too.


2. Computer News, Reviews and Communities

Dedicated to all things broadband related this site covers DSL, cable modems, broadband over powerline, satellite, wireless and any other technology that is related to computer connectivity. Many services are offered at this website such as speed testing to check the maximum speed of your Internet connection, tweaking testing to maximize your Internet connection speed, line quality testing, provider searching, very good broadband news, community forums, and a great deal more. A must visit for anyone interested in the Internet from a technical standpoint or from someone just wanting to boost their Internet speed.
The site for overclocking comparison pages (or as normal people call them, benchmarks). The purpose of this site is to provide news that is important for the hardware enthusiast. If you're interested in case modding, hardware benchmarks, computer product release dates, overclocking, general computer news or just want to be part of a pretty hardcore computer community then this site may be of interest to you.
On the Internet there are quite a few websites dedicated to linking to the best content of the Internet, but this site is the best that I have found. Offering moderated submissions on topics from technology, to world news, to games, and about anything interesting. All links are presented with a short description and a category tag that lets you know if you're interested.
This is one of the homes for the demo scene. This site hosts a radio station for the demo scene, downloadable music from them, and the demos themselves. This site focuses on the music side of the scene, and if you haven't heard of it then it would be best described as Electronica, but that doesn't describe it completely. The music is mainly remixed or inspired from old video game music, especially from the Commodore 64. The US stream can be directly connected to from here.
One of the original computer enthusiast sites, and definitely the most popular. This place has an insane community with some of the most intelligent comments made on the Internet (since the death of the usenet at least). But, it's a vortex for time, there are tons of flame wars and not to mention that they're all conceited jerks. The content of the site mostly revolves around sciences, and specifically with a technology focus on open source, Linux and (sadly) Macs. I generally don't agree with most of the content of this site or the users because I feel that open source / Linux are nice things, but definitely not the be-all end-all.


3. General World and Local News

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) provides very good news coverage that has fairly little political or corporate taint. It also has a good amount of professionalism that many other news sources have lost.
Google provides the ability to see all the current headlines of many different news provides from a single page that has the appeal of a newspaper (even more so than the online newspapers). From this single page you can keep up on the world news, and it even links each article to various news sources in case you have a preference.


4. Malware, Computer Security and Computer Tools

Are you having computer problems? Are you having a problem that can only be fixed from a boot disk? Are you looking for a particular bootdisk version, or perhaps the boot floppies for Windows 2000? Then this is the place for you. It provides a great deal of information and a great number of bootable floppies that you can use to fix various problems.
The purpose of this website is to distribute a program that solves a serious problem with the El Torito CD boot standard. This website provides a way to provide multiboot CDs that can have as many bootable disks on them as you can fit in the provided space. I personally use this and I find the CDShell project to be one of my favorite (because how useful it is) on the Internet.
This is a very useful website. The site itself is owned by Steve Gibson and he's a person that spends his time researching Windows security and data recovery, although he dabbles in several other areas too. He offers a free service that allows you to port scan yourself called Shields Up that is extremely useful, many downloadable programs that test your computer for vulnerabilities, viruses, etc. and sells a program called SpinRite that uses low level methods to repair hard-disk corruption.
This website contains a list of errors that appear on NT blue screens of death messages. These are officially called stop messages. They are often hard to undestand, but this site contains explanations and a list of related links.
This site provides a few news topics on recent malware but focuses on CoolWebSearch (CWS). The author of this page also produces Hijackthis, which is the ultimate tool for removing browser hijackers.
A website dedicated to helping fix computer problems. The author of this site, Bart, writes extremely useful utilities for repairing and trouble shooting computer problems. Bart's PE is a Windows PE like environment that allows you to run Windows from a read-only disk (CD/DVD/etc.) and to diagnose and fix computer problems (like scan for viruses). This is just a single example of the content at this site, so if you are interested in computer recovery devices then this is definitely a place for you.
The purpose of this site is to allow you to identify items in your start-up list as either friend (something you want) or foe (malware). The list of programs is quite extensive and is completely searchable. Before removing any questionable items from your start-up list I would highly recommend checking it against this list first so you don't remove something you want or need. It even includes an Internet Explorer BHO list.


5. Online Shopping and Bargains

This site publishes online bargains from all of the name brand stores such as and Dell. This site publishes a wide variety of items, but most items are technology related.
This is a pyramid type scheme that will make you money if you sign up for it. The basic concept is that people that buy into it send money to the person above them on the pyramid and to the person above that person. The website than randomally displays member pages to people that visit. It only costs $25 to join and requires only a Paypal account besides the initial payment. There are no additional fees after the joining fee, and the amount you make is passive but you will make more if you recruit others. Since it is a pyramid scheme, the more members that join under you means the more money you make, and the more people that join under the members under you give you money too. So, over time this could make a good deal of money.
The creator of this website searches the Internet for "sweet deals", with the focus mainly on technology, and posts his findings for his viewers to use. Besides the usual coupon code and rebate offer he will sometimes post store mistakes (such as when they forget to enter the zero on the end of a price, making something that would normally cost $2500.00 cost $250.00). These are great deals, and in most states the store must honor the mistake (although, getting them to honor mistakes is sometimes a pain). Also, this sometimes is fairly often down so check out his mirror site if that's the case.

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