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Guides: Windows Components

The topic for this guide is Windows components. A Windows component is an underlying technology that facilitates the operation of the operating system. This includes configuration files, built-in applications, etc.. Below are available chapters for this guide.

These provide Windows NT (NT4, 2000, XP, Longhorn) based operating systems the ability to restrict access for resources, such as files, based on the control properties set on that resource.
The Windows command prompt allows for text-based command-line command execution, which provides an alternate method for major tasks and makes automation easier.
These are legacy configuration text files. Most programs do not make use of these anymore, but Windows retains the functionality for these, and some programs will still use them.
The registry is the central data respository for Windows and applications that run under Windows.
A service is a modular program that adds a particular feature or feature set when installed and enabled to run.

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